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Light Straightforward CSS Grid

Skeleton vanilla CSS grid When you have been at it for a while you realize most of the time less is more, and so in that spirit below is a skeleton grid. It was created without any pre-processor in vanilla CSS, and has been field tested on enterprise level projects. Source code here: If this has helped you, be legendary and do social share this and do follow me on twitter @danielsokolows . /* Light Column Grid v2018-Dev-05 ############################## See: TODO,Jun-13: possibly rather then negative margins use calc and space-between to avoid issues with horizontal scroll on small devices, see: Example: ``` <div class="columnWrapper"> <div class="column width-4/12"> ... </div>

Updated IDE Fork

My improved IDE fork I would argue it is rare that re-inventing the wheel is the better choice compared to just improving an existing solution - I'm looking at you Salesforce Extensions for VS Code - and so since Salesforce opened sourced their IDE I have been updating it to suit my needs, mostly to speedup development: WSDL version 42 Ability to 'Disable 'Save to Server' dirty resource check' Ability to 'Disable 'Save to Server' synchronize check' Ability to 'Disable 'Save to Server' user confirmation check' Update Site and Public Repo Today a co-worker needed to get setup with SF development and so I have officially created a public repo and an update site for my version, just add the the below URL to your 'Help > Install New Software...' to get your copy. Pull requests welcomed: http

Windows 10, 8, 7 Night Mode

A universal night mode for Eclipse, Sublime, Atom, VSCode, Chrome, ... <ANYTHING> I do code for a living, lots of it , and night mode experience has always been subpar. You may set your development IDE to a night theme but everything else would still be regular and hence ultimately would create more eye strain, but I have found the perfect solution: NegativeScreen Thais fantastic utility that you can download here is a blanket solution. It inverts your whole desktop using a smart conversion metric to keep colors still same, i.e. red is still red, images of course look funny but for text (i.e. programming) it is fantastic. I find it soo useful that I have donated , you should too :) My Tweaked Matrix NegativeScreen comes with a companion tool ColorMatrix Viewer that allows you to visually create your own night mode conversion matrix, below is mine which is based on 'Smart Inversion Alt 2b' but the blacks are lightened which I find helps with overall

Lucida Console with `0` crossed

Lucida Console, best programing font improved I like this font for programming, compared to other it allows most lines to fit on the screen and overall characters are taller. However it's 0 and O are too similar for my liking. So using FontForge I have fixed that. You can download the .tff file at the BitBucket repository here . Be legendary and do social like this post as that helps me immensely and do follow me on twitter: @danielsokolows .