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Salesforce "Save error: An unexpected error occurred."

Description Path Location Type Resource Save error: An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 693681547-51638 (-1906541512) ... line 0 save problem ... The blackbox that SF is does not lend it self to debugging so this one took me a while to track so if this post has helped you do comment or follow me on twitter @danielsokolows :). The cause was using `this` keyword in my bind SOQL variables and removing it fixed the problem. Looks like a bug if you ask me to me. If you find others send them to me or comment and I will update the post. oOrderedContentIds = [SELECT Id FROM cms__Content__c WHERE Id in :oPrunedContentRenderingsMap.keySet() ORDER BY cms__Original_Published_Start_Date__c DESC LIMIT :iQueryLimit // *NOTE:* using `this.` keyword will crap out with unexpected error when saving OFFSET :iQueryOffset]; Be great