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Change Windows 7 Taskbar Text Color

This likely works for Windows 8, and 10. I got fed-up with Windows 10 forced updates at worst possible time (and other stupidities) and finally installed Windows 2008 R2 (Windows 7) so that I am in total control. But Windows 7 lacks the 'Task View' (Win + Tab) which is awesome and can be duplicated with Switcher ', however it requires using Windows Aero theming engine. I personally prefer the classic gray flat look so as a compromise I tweaked the default theme to a light solid color - which makes the white taskbar icon text unreadable, and Microsoft in all it's wisdom to this day does not allow any sane way to change it. After way too much effort spent in finding a solution I want to admit to I did finally stumbled onto the fact that Classic Shell includes change taskbar color functionality! - a simple change to black as in the screenshot and things are good again. Be legendary and do social like this post as that helps me immensely and do follow me on twi

Brother Scanner Drivers for Windows Server

Modded drivers to allow scanning MFC-J4710DW on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Officially only printing is supported for the Windows Server platform for the MFC-J4710DW and similar printers. On the download page you are advised that the full software suite functionality is not available . If you attempt to install the full software you will receive OS not supported error, trying to force install the drivers also fails. But with an iron will, a weekends worth of time, and some luck I was able to modify later model's drivers and successfully install the scanner drivers. Unfortunately ControlCenter4 seems to be hardcoded not to function in a Server environment, but as an alternative I found NAPS2 which works wonderfully with the 'scan' button events - please donate to the developer! You can find the modified driver at this MFC-J4710DW Scanner Driver Link . Please note 'Desktop Experience' feature is required or driver will fail with Error: No INF AddService dire