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KickassTorrents Genre Advanced Search

How to create a RSS feed search for a specific genre As seen in the screenshot there is no direct way to specify a 'genre' search however after a bit of expirmenting I have found that there is a unsupported `genre:` parameter. Specifing it one can create a custom advance torrent search that will filter on movie genre - this is becaus you are then able to get the RSS feed of the search by appending `?rss=1` example: If you have found this useful feel free to follow me @danielsokolows or post a comment. RSS Feed Pagination

Run All Tests in Salesforce Org

How to run all tests in Salesforce Because the location of this button is not obvious and because it took a number of searches to locate I am bloging this; the button is located on the 'Setup > Devleop > Apex Classes' page instead of where it should be: 'Apex Test Execution'. Feel free to comment or follow me on @danielsokolow