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SERP Position Forecasting Indicator

Potential trending using the "Position in search results" statistics Recently in the last 2 days our website Danols Web Engineering has achieved 3rd position for "kingston web design" keyword phrase so I have been waiting for my SERP (I finally learned what that stands for!) to stabilize. Reviewing the Google Webmaster tool reports I noticed that the sister phrase "web design kingston" in Google Webmaster tools had a few impressions from the 6-10 spot; the site ranks 13th. Intrigued by this I kept reducing the time range untill I got this: Now Google sorts the above statistic by impression column hence even though they are not showing the exact number (nothing stopping them from doing so) I can conclude that the 6-10 has the most impression. Thinking out loud here this means two things to me, well maybe three: Google is testing a new algorithm and a small percent of people are seeing the site ranking higher. Google is testing the sites

Bussiness Cards and Coffee Mugs

Self Branding your Bussiness Successfuly for $58.42 So for the past hour or so super excitedly I have created Danols Web Engineering branded mugs, business cards, pens, and notepads. Anyone with a bit of time and attention to detail can make their way using the edit controls and create professional results as seen below. With the promotion discount that was running at the time I was ordering my total cost for 250 business cards, 2 notepads, one pen and mug was a low $51.70 a saving of $35.29! Have your own fun at brand marketing your business and visit Vistaprint , this link contains my refferal number which gives me a small kickback if you do purchase items.