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Windows WebDAV Double Authentication 401 Requets

Speed up trick for Windows 7 WebDAV Client One way to conveniently develop remotely with Eclipse + PyDev is to run WebDAV on the remote server and map it as a networked drive in Windows (PyDev over Eclipse Target Managmenet does not play nicely). WebDAV works rather well except it is not the fastest especially on initial project creation /project refreshing and if your share is protected with a username/password; below is how I improved the performance. Apparently by protocol design and due to security Windows 7 client does not cache it's authentication and so on each request first an anonymous attempt is made followed by an authenticated one: ... - - [22/Jan/2013:23:05:04 +0000] "PROPFIND /Files HTTP/1.0" 401 751 - username [22/Mar/2011:23:05:04 +0000] "PROPFIND /Files HTTP/1.0" 301 495 - - [22/Jan/2013:23:05:04 +0000] "PROPFIND /Files/ HTTP/1.0" 401 751 - username [22/Mar/2011:23:05:04 +0000]

GeoDjango + Spatialite (SQLite3) Setup Issues

Because there are fresh ones every time I start a new project! As of May 03 2013 I have opted to install virtualenv --system-site-packages and running aptitude-install python-pysqlite2 spatialite-bin gdal-bin ; the site are not as self contained any more but sure beats fighting with the issues. All my Django projects are self contained (as much as possible) with Virtualenv and use Spatialite database (SQLite3 +geo spatial stuff) installed so to enable GeoDjango functionality. This post is a list of issues I encounter related to that setup and how I resolved them; as I seem to run into a new one on every project start. And as always if you found this useful do +1, or follow me on twitter @danielsokolows /usr/include/spatialite.h:61: note: previous declaration of ‘spatialite_init’ was here Say what? --- this one threw me for a three hour fun time. It happened because I executed 'pip install pyspatialite' will install the 3.X vesion which is is broken and craps out with: