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Setuptools' ``include_package_data`` option does not work not honoured during install phase The python package setup procedure appears to be a mess, you have setuptools, distutils, and distribute (distutils2?). All I set out to do was to fix the installation in django-simplemenu package which was omitting the non-python module plain locale directory but instead got myself involved a 3 hour roller coaster; I am sharing my findings in hopes of helping you, so if you are reading this do +1 this. Including sub directories and non python files as part of package There are two ways: file and package_data option. The latter is Pythonic but doesn’t do recursive includes - so you would have to list every sub directory - and can not include files in the root top most folder; sure once could write a python function to do this but why the complexity? with its file/directory pattern matching and with the's ``include_package_data`` option fits the bill: ``include_package_data

Verify Google+ Local Pages

But old style Google Places pages are still out of luck Early this month Google introduced functionality to verify the new Google+ Local pages - not the old style Google Places which will be eventually migrated - but the new Google+ pages that must be created under the Local Business or Place category. The process is simple consists of having a Post Card with a unique pin mailed to your businesse's address. Once that is accomplished your brand page will look something like Sleepless Goat Café Google+ Local Page and more importantingly it will be unified accross Google's Search, Google Maps, and Google+. Business utilizing the former Google Places will be eventually transitioned to Google+ Local . For more information please see the oficial FAQ and discussion threads here and here Google Places Administration Page For those of you that asked below is a screen shot of the old style administration page for Google Places that will eventually be phased out

Linphone and VoiceMail Issues

Echo Limiter Prevents FreeSwitch Voicemail Functionality If you experiencing issues while trying to leave a Voicemail due to 'Your recording was below acceptable levels' or similar errors try turning off the recommended 'Echo Limiter' in Linphone 's settings. I experienced this problem on the latest version of Linphone for Android when calling my FreeSwitch setup. Testing from a land line and with other soft phones worked as expected, changing 'record-silence-threshold' and 'record-silence-hits' FreeSwitch's mod_voicemail settings had not effect, and hence through the process of elimination the culprit was determined to be the 'Echo Limiter' setting. Saving you hours and hair; so do +1 this.

SPA3012 Dial Tone Length Duration

Change or Increase the Length of Dial Tone I have the Cisco SPA3102 and when attempting to setup a conference I found the default 10 second dial tone duration was not long enough - the fast busy would kick in before I finished searching through the phone directory. To change the duration follow the below instructions: Login into the VOIP box Select 'Advanced' mode Select 'Voice' tab Select 'Regional' sub tab Under 'Call Progress Tones' modify the 'Dial Tone' default entry's 10 second delay to whatever duration you wish.