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Speed up Saleforce Development

Fast Salesforce `staticresrouces` Development LocallyThe problem with front end development in the cloud is that it is painfully slow! Unfortunately this is the reality of the cloud nature of SF and it will remain so - at least until there will be ability to spin up local SF development servers. It takes about 30 seconds or more to save on a busy org. That is mainly because of the typical save cycle, 'change', 'zip', 'save to server', and then 'refresh in browser':doing this many times a day adds up to a substantial time lostloss of focus/concentration - while you wait‘clobbering of static resources’ when working in a teampure maddening in tight timelines
Current SolutionsMake changes in browser, ex. ChromeGreat for CSSLimited for JS (can’t re-run `onload` event)Cumbersome for HTMLCan’t use your favorite (Eclipse IDE) editorDevelop files locallyOk for initial design mockupsImpractical once code starts living in SFJavascript / CSS injectionBrowser securit…