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Eclipse IDE Horizontal Scrolling With a Mouse

System wide horizontal scrolling with Ctrl+ or Shift+ mouse wheel There is an outstanding Bug 201984 to provide a horizontal scrolling mechanism within Eclipse for mouses without a tilt scroll wheel. Untill it's acutally implemented (please register and vote up the bug) the below work with X-Mouse Button Control works just great, and is also system wide. Download X-Mouse Button Control In the main window go to 'Layer 2' and change 'Wheel Up' and 'Wheel Down' to 'Scroll Windows Right' and 'Scroll Window Left' Go into the 'Settings > Modifier Keys Tab' and select 'Shift' for the 'Activate Layer 2' setting. Now in whatever active window, including Eclipse pressing shift and then scrolling up and down will scroll horizontally. If this has helped you feel free to follow me on Google+ or on twitter @danielsokolow . Update : I have been using this approach for a few days now and noticed that not all wind

Eclipse ANT <Input> task "java.lang.NullPointerException"

ANT build fails with NullPointerException on the <input> tag. This error drove me crazy and took me longer than I would like to admit to figure out - the solution was to run the ANT script "in the same JRE as the workspace". There is an eclipse open Bug 281837 from 2009 but without any follow up so perhaps do add your comment/vote there to create some traction. To change the JRE setting right click on the ant script and choose "Run As > Ant Build... > JRE tab". If this has helped feel free to follow me on twitter @danielsokolows .