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HTTPS and drop in Google Web Master Tools Impressions

Switched site to HTTPS and impressions and visits plummeted In an attempt to resolve the (No Provided) issue in Google Analytics I have switched our site Kingston Search Engine Optimization [yes I am doing SEO backlinking there :)] to HTTPS and experienced a massive drop in impressions and visits. Google Analytics reported no change in actual visits so the issue was left alone to hopefully sort itself out; but it didn't. By the way switching to HTTPS will not resolve the missing keywords in GA, if you analyze the browser requests you will notice Google just plainly strips them from the referral header information. Solution to HTTPS impression drop This was a mystery for a while until today when I found a solution which is very simple. By default Google Web Master Tools creates and tracks sites under HTTP protocol, and treats HTTPS as different sites entirely, just like it treats and as separate sites. Creating a new entry th

Django Template Eclipse Editor Plugin

Aptana Eclipse Django template editor alternative A solid lightweight alternative to Aptana Django template editor Eclipse plug-in. Definitively worth at a test drive - which is what I am doing now - since I have refrained from installing the Aptana alternative due to it's dependencies. You can download it here: Django Editor - plug-in for Eclipse . One shortcoming however is that HTML and JS editing is bare bones with no content assist, this is expected thought and can be mitigated by switching to a specialized editor as needed.

Setting up ZOTAC ZBOX nano AD Remote for XBMC

Getting the Windows, Info and Colored buttons to work The included Zotac remote is Windows MCERemote compatible but the additional buttons (Windows, Info, Colored buttons) will not work out of the box. The XBMC MCERemote add-on will fail with: * Warning * The ReportMappingTable registry key is not present * No Microsoft remote is installed Good News But before I begin, if this helps you please do +1 or share it as that helps me. So take the MCERemote registry files, this , this ,0 and this thread and a 3 hours and you get a tweaked Zotac Remote Registry Fix below; it labels all keys I could discover and maps some as follow: The Windows remote key to Win keyboard key (perfect if you are running Windows 8) The Colored Buttons to Ctrl 1 through 4 The Info button to 'Ctrl D' - XBMC display info [T] Teletext? key to send 'T' - XBMC toggles subtitlies The '≡' right of 'T' to send 'C' - XBMC display contextual menu Copy and paste

FreeSWITCH Call Audio Stuttering Issues

Reduce VOIP audio stuttering by increasing deamon priority On occassion our FreeSWITCH Linode VPS stutter which I believe is because the server overall gets a little busy with everything else that is installed. One noticeable way tp reduce or almost eliminate this is to run the FreeSWITCH VOIP daemon in real time priority. But before I begin please do +1 or share if it helps you as it helps me. On Ubuntu/Debian chaning FreeSWITCH priority is easily accomplished by modifying the `/etc/init.d/freeswitch` start-up script and adding the `rc` real time execute options to the `DAEMON_ARGS` argument – but if you want set the priority even higher scroll to bottom of post. An example of a FreeSWITCH init.d script can be found on the FreeSWITCH Wiki page which - I think is more complete then the sample included in the source files. #!/bin/bash ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: freeswitch # Required-Start: $local_fs $remote_fs $network # Required-Stop: $local_fs $remote