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MBNA Balance Transfer Catch

The gotcha behind 0% credit card balance transfers At the beginning of this year I have financed solar panels on a low interest line of credit with Scotiabank. In May I became aware of the 0.00% balance transfer option my MBNA credit card was offering and shortly afterwards I had the line of credit transferred to my credit card. I have done the home work, worked out the total costs (fees) to transfer over, called in to learn how things worked, confirmed there would be no interest charged, even confirmed that it will be ok for me to transfer any remaining balance back onto my line of credit before the promotion ended. Furthermore I recall explicitly asking what is the catch or hidden costs or anything else I should know about and was told there are none and no. When the first statement came it did show 0.00% promotional offer on the transfer and no interest, I felt smart, savvy, and proud to have saved a few hundred dollars in overall interest costs. But there is a gotcha

Stuck Salesforce Eclipse IDE Error

Clearing stale errors in salesforce Eclipse When the default salesforce eclipse builders are enabled there is an intermittent issue (perhaps triggered by too many 'saves'?) where a complication error can not be cleared. Restarting Eclipse and right clicking and deleting the errors has no effect - the same error comes back after saving. However manually saving to the server by using the 'Right Click > > Save to Server' option does work. The only way I was able to clear this was to 'Right Click > > Refresh from Server' the file - this bug has been reported on Salesforce's Github . If you found this useful please comment or follow me on twitter @danielsokolow .

Applying Git Patches in Eclipse IDE

Git Patch 'File does not exist' Solution Today I needed to apply GIT formatted patches in Eclipse which led me to an hour or so long search on how to do it. Officially the help docs even state it's no possible however there is a Bug 358257 which is set to FIXED for this issue; but I was still getting the 'File does not exist' error. As shown in the above screen shot the solution is obvious, one must ignore leading patch segments until the files name path matches . This obvious solution escaped me and so I am posting this just in case you the reader have found yourself in the same situation as well. Feel free to comment or follow me on twitter @danielsoklows

Destination Path Too Long Fix

The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder. Windows under the hood supports pathnames up to 32000 characters however due to some reasons - which I can only think are legacy support related - programs like 'Explorer' will choke on anything longer then about 260 characters during copy operations. This is very frustrating and can be major pain if you are re-installing your system and are keeping your program settings for example the Eclipse Workspace folder. In my quest for a solution I have found Terra Nova copy but my experience found it buggy - eventually I have discovered FastCopy utility by a Japanese programmer - it has nice right click integration and works well with Windows 8.1 even though has not been updated in a while. Drop a comment or follow me on twitter @danielsokolows if you found this post useful, and also considering donating to the author.