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Emulate Bluetooh Keyboard using Windows PC

Control your Phone with Windows keyboard and mouse While at work, I have been on a search to control my phone through the computers keyboard and mouse. Today I have found Across software which is a possible solution, but unfortunatly Lumia 640 LTE lacks the proper bluetooth keyboard profile. If you find a solution to get Lumia 640 to work please post a comment.

I prefix my variables with their type!

Why 'Systems Hungarian' makes sense. As a developer, if you prefix the variable type you are clearly in the minority - I for one am a proponent of the Systems Hungarian notation, not the Apps Hungarian notation. The merits become apparent when reading other people's code, or when you look at your own code months/years after. Properly naming variables can be hard, the type is not always obvious from the name itself and left to individual interpenetration. Prefixing completely removes any uncertainty, it immediately reveals the type of the variable, and the developer reading the code does not have to go through the mental friction of inferring from either the name, or from how it is being used in the context, or traversing to where the variable was defined. For weakly typed languages like JS/Python it has the huge additional benefit of making debugging that much easier, when one treats the prefix as the intent of what should be the value stored it reveals possi