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Minimial Freeswtich Install on Debian 9

Reduced Freeswitch Dependencies List Perhaps I missed something obvious but installing Freeswtich on Debian using instruction from official site here results in the install wanting to pull a ridiculous 1.1 gigs of dependencies. To avoid that I choose to built directly from source and only install whatever was missing whenever the ./configure or make would fail. Below is bare minimum needed to complete the build process based on default modules.conf , install these first then follow Compiling Latest Master (for testing) section from the official Debian 9 Stretch instructions. apt install build-essential apt install libtool-bin apt install zlib1g-dev apt install libjpeg-dev apt install pkg-config apt install libsqlite3-dev apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev apt install libpcre3-dev apt install libspeex-dev apt install libspeexdsp-dev apt install libldns-dev apt install libedit-dev apt install libtiff5-dev apt install yasm apt install libopus-dev apt install libsndfile-dev