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How to enable VPN over ICMP / DNS in SoftEther VPN

Or where is the damn VPN over ICMP / DNS setting in SoftEther

Because the infrequent times I need to install a SoftEther server I seem to waste half an hour trying to locate this setting.

BUT, it's already enabled by default.

Well enjoy this tip and if this has helped do thank me by following me on twitter @danielsokolows.


  1. Daniel, I have quick question.

    I have an ftp server as well as media server sitting right on the same machine where softether is installed. all those 3 services under the same pc. at first my ftp was working then not, short after that was my media server. The ports are set in softether to listen but no luck. Any suggestions? By the way I have a bridged connection... 2 ethernet ports bridged as one..

    1. Not sure what the issue is, the last 5 minutes thinking about this and I can only suggest you start with the most basic setup and begin adding things and see what brakes things - maybe it's the bridged connection.

  2. but how to setup the Softether VPN Client to use ICMP???

    waiting for your answer.

    Thank you.

    1. I haven't been able to test this myself (the initial requirements I had no longer are there) BUT my understanding was from all my reading that the client will automatically select ICMP once all other options are tried and fail.

    2. Daniel is right.
      I bumped into this page searching for the same answer..
      You cannot force the client to use icmp or dns. if TCP and UDP ports are blocked then ICMP is being used, if ICMP is blocked and UDP port 53 is open then DNS is used.
      I tested it by blocking protocols one by one with iptables.
      works like charm :)

  3. I tried to disable all ports from the server. But still unable to connect from my client to server. The client set to connect port 443.

  4. Would you still need to setup port forwarding on your router to forward port 53 (DNS) and ICMP port (not sure what port it is and I don't think you can forward this type of protocol on a router), to your Softether VPN server?

    1. No I don't believe you need to do that, the idea is that these are automatically allowed.

  5. If china also block
    Also Local Bridge not work on wireless card, so impossible to make site-to-site config with wireless card, only point=to-site is possible
    Compare to Microsoft builtin IpEnableRouter and SSTP VPN, site-to-site work flawless with wireless card


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