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Windows 10, 8, 7 Night Mode

A universal night mode for Eclipse, Sublime, Atom, VSCode, Chrome, ... <ANYTHING> I do code for a living, lots of it, and night mode experience has always been subpar.You may set your development IDE to a night theme but everything else would still regular and hence ultimately would create more eye strain, but I have found the perfect solution: NegativeScreenThais fantastic utility that you can download here is a blanket solution. It inverts your whole desktop using a smart conversion metric to keep colors still same, i.e. red is still red, images of course look funny but for text (i.e. programming) it is fantastic. I find it soo useful that I have donated, you should too :) My Tweaked MatrixNegativeScreen comes with a companion tool ColorMatrix Viewer that allows you to visually create your own night mode conversion matrix, below is mine which is based on 'Smart Inversion Alt 2b' but the blacks are lightened which I find helps with overall text readability. # 'Sma…

Lucida Console with `0` crossed

Lucida Console, best programing font improvedI like this font for programming, compared to other it allows most lines to fit on the screen and overall characters are taller. However it's 0 and O are too similar for my liking. So using FontForge I have fixed that. You can download the .tff file at the BitBucket repository here. If this has helped feel free to comment or follow me on twitter @danielsokolows.