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A letter to City of Kingston regarding "Residential Rental Licensing"

I am a landlord that your proposal would impact and I am truly disappointed, angry, and strongly against the 'Residential Rental Licensing' program proposal. Considering it only targets properties of three units or less I see this as nothing more than a money grab. You failing to include 4 plus unit property owners conveniently excludes large corporations like Homestead. I find this discriminatory and I haphazardly conclude you choose to do so to avoid the lobbying against it you would receive from someone of bigger pockets. Also, given the fact that as of April 30, 2018 we are required to provide a standardized lease, I see the goals of this licensing program made obsolete and redundant. The 14 page long lease document, in particular section 'J - Maintenance and Repairs' outlines and educates the tenant as to the landlord's responsibilities and if these are not met to seek assistance through Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). Your goal to prevent substandard …
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MetaTrader is Utter Garbage

Zero confidence in its Strategy TesterI have over a year of experience programing in the MQL4/MQL5 languages, I have worked through many quirks and gotchas and amassed a considerable local code repository - so I am qualified to make such a bold statement.Today I am just throwing in a towel. My lack of confidence in its ability to simulate trades is now absolute ZERO and casts serious doubts onto previous results.I have reported this in the forums and also through a support tickets but that went on nowhere.The picture below is of a custom symbol, left is the data Strategy Tester, right is normal chart history, both of them have a signal attached. You can clearly see the Strategy Tester chart is different and missing bars and so of course the signal activates differently. I've discovered this issue when I tested my multi symbol expert on Symbol A and then on Symbol B and found the sum net profit and orders placed to be different than when I tested the same expert on Symbol A and Sym…

Nantucket World Sailing Map

Fresh Game Sailing Reference MapPlaying the enjoyable Nantucket sailing game set in a world of Moby Dick, however it has one flaw: while you are in a port dock you can not see the sailing world map, there is no keyboard shortcut for it as far as I can tell. To me this is an issue, for example when you are trying to reference locations of job quests.To solve this I have crated an image of the world just at the start of a new game which I have loaded on my second monitor.Right click the above image and choose 'Open Image in new tab' or 'Save image as'. And as always if you have found this useful please feel free to comment or follow me @danielsokolow.

No remote audio when connecting to Windows 2008 Server

Error: Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound deviceThe Internet was not helpful in regards to this; this post did not work for me. But after further digging myself I was able to determine that the issue is due to a 'Allow audio and video playback redirection' default policy being disabled on a server environment, the fix is to enable it. Open start menu and search for 'Edit group policy' and navigate to 'Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Device and Resources' and enable 'Allow audio and video playback redirection'. If this has helped you feel free to comment or follow me

Change Windows 7 Taskbar Text Color

This likely works for Windows 8, and 10. I got fed-up with Windows 10 forced updates at worst possible time (and other stupidities) and finally installed Windows 2008 R2 (Windows 7) so that I am in total control. But Windows 7 lacks the 'Task View' (Win + Tab) which is awesome and can be duplicated with Switcher', however it requires using Windows Aero theming engine. I personally prefer the classic gray flat look so as a compromise I tweaked the default theme to a light solid color - which makes the white taskbar icon text unreadable, and Microsoft in all it's wisdom to this day does not allow any sane way to change it. After way too much effort spent in finding a solution I want to admit to I did finally stumbled onto the fact that Classic Shell includes change taskbar color functionality! - a simple change to black as in the screenshot and things are good again. If this has helped you please feel free to follow me @danielsokolowski.

Brother Scanner Drivers for Windows Server

Modded drivers to allow scanning MFC-J4710DW on a Windows Server 2008 R2Officially only printing is supported for the Windows Server platform for the MFC-J4710DW and similar printers. On the download page you are advised that the full software suite functionality is not available. If you attempt to install the full software you will receive OS not supported error, trying to force install the drivers also fails. But with an iron will, a weekends worth of time, and some luck I was able to modify later model's drivers and successfully install the scanner drivers. Unfortunately ControlCenter4 seems to be hardcoded not to function in a Server environment, but as an alternative I found NAPS2 which works wonderfully with the 'scan' button events - please donate to the developer!You can find the modified driver at this link. Please note 'Desktop Experience' feature is required or driver will fail with Error: No INF AddService directives contained the flag SPSVCINST_ASSOCSE…

Force recall a Salesforce approval process

Non-submitter and non-administrator approval recallSalesforce lacks the functionality to recall an in-flight approval process for anyone other than the original submitter or a system administrator. For our latest client this posed a problem as their specific business needs required the ability to recall an approval one step back in a multi person process, and giving the approvers administrative permissions posed an unacceptable security risk. Thus until Salesforce implements this idea (please upvote) to extend recalling to record owners, below approach workaround will accomplish approval recall without compromising security - albeit in an interesting way.setup an email service that runs in elevated privileges and recalls force recall an approvalprovide normal users the ability to execute an Apex method that internally emails that serviceReference setupBelow are the relevant bits extracted from a working solution, leverage and adapt to your own unique solution.Apex Class global virtua…