Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hide People from "Have You in Circles"

How to manage/remove people that added you from your "have you in circles".

One could call it spam, and so I am - people/profiles following you that clearly have no reason to do so, even if you don't follow them back still show up in your "have you in circles" section. There is a way to completely hide that section, block the person or ignore them. The first two are drastic, the ignore option is the best and recently.

Here is how to Ignore somone on Google+ :

  • Click on your "Notifications" box
  • Find and click "Added you on Google+"
  • In the list that follows find the person and click 'Ignore'
  • Log Out and view your profile to verify it worked.
  • To see full list click More circle notifications »

See the not very helpful Google Help Page for more information. Also do +1 this post as that helps me immensely.

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