Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Directory Size Overview in Linux

Visual console based directory size overview

If you google how to get directory size list in linux you most likley find a page that tells you to use the following command:

du -sh * | sort -nr

Or to limit only to the top 10:

du -sh * | sort -nr | head -10

However this is cumbersome and not very visual. There are two awesome solutions to this dillema: NCurses Disk Usage and Midnight Commander; the former just let's you explore the sizes of yoru folder whereas the latter is a complete and very popular system explorer which comes with an options to calculate directory sizes.

To calculate sizes in Midnight Commander press 'Shift +' to select all and choose 'Command' > 'Show directory sizes'

These programs are available as Debian packages and I suggest you install both.

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